Wonks Discussions – June 2024

Dive into the latest developments on our platform and stay informed about the compelling news, marketing research trends, and more that we explored throughout June. Here’s a snapshot of the key topics creating a buzz among our members:

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New Opportunities (2):

  • ANA: 2024 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference presented by TikTok: Explore the future of digital and social media marketing with leading experts.
  • ANA: 2024 ANA Measurement & Analytics Conference presented by Google: Dive into the latest trends in measurement and analytics at this must-attend event.

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: Here are some of the hot topics that spurred engaging conversations this month:

  • Seeking Population by Postal Codes in Australia: Explore the latest data and methodologies for population analysis by postal codes in Australia.
  • AI Alignment: Delve into the ethical and practical considerations of aligning AI systems with human values and goals.
  • What Aristotle Would Say About the Movies: Engage in a thought-provoking discussion on how Aristotelian principles can be applied to modern filmmaking.
  • 2024 Most Patriotic Brands: Share your thoughts on the brands that best embody patriotism and national pride in 2024.
  • Jorge Luis Borges: The Library of Babel: Discuss the literary masterpiece and its implications for modern information theory and knowledge management.
  • Fandango Contact?: Looking for a contact at Fandango? Join the conversation to share or receive valuable connections.
  • TS Eliot and Advertising: Explore the intersections between TS Eliot’s poetry and the world of advertising.
  • Rhetoric and Advertising: Engage in discussions on the role of rhetoric in shaping effective advertising strategies.
  • Procedural Memory: Discover the latest research on procedural memory and its applications in advertising and beyond.
  • Cable Networks: Hours Viewed for Linear & Streaming: Analyze viewing trends for linear and streaming content across cable networks.
  • Open to Work: Senior Client Partner: Connect with a seasoned professional looking for senior client partner opportunities.
  • Data > Synthetic IDs: Discuss the importance of data integrity and the role of synthetic IDs in modern data practices.
  • Unionizing AI: Explore the concept of unionizing AI and the implications for the future of work and technology.
  • Brand Takes: Share your insights on the latest trends and challenges facing modern brands.
  • Synthetic Data: Dive into the benefits and challenges of using synthetic data for research and analysis.
  • Politricks: Engage in a lively discussion on the current political landscape and its impact on advertising and media.
  • WOM Resources: Share and discover valuable resources for word-of-mouth marketing strategies.
  • An AI Book: Recommend and discuss must-read books on artificial intelligence and its future.

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