This is a directory of all registered members of the Research Wonks. Because members’ companies and titles are subject to change, we provide here a link to their respective LinkedIn profiles. Mouse over each name to see their comment about themselves for fellow Wonks.


  • Miriam Alexander Founder and lead principal of Qual boutique at the intersection of insights and strategy. Robust researcher -- done my share of segmentations -- with 20+ years of experience on both sides of the table who loves the human connection in qualitative work. Fascinated by hard questions,.
  • Kate Arbit A storyteller who is the go-to source for internal and external clients.
  • Margo Arton Strategic partner focusing on advertising impact and big picture narratives.
  • Dave Atchison Love data. Not technical about data, but love it's purpose and limitations.


  • Vas Bakopoulos |My current role| -I oversee multi-million dollar programs and cutting edge research in areas of attribution, ad effectiveness, viewability and Fraud. -I fund raise and build Industry consortiums to make these programs happen. -I creative narratives and strategies to increase the impact and visibility of these research programs and drive Industry change. |Previous Experience| -Digitas: I led creative strategy and account planning teams in NY, Atlanta and CT for clients like Samsung, Delta Airlines, Aetna Insurance and Mondelez. -Kantar: I led large scale global research and consulting programs mostly in areas of advertising effectiveness and segmentation. |Other Credentials| -Content Board Member at I-Com -Board of Trustees at Advertising Research Foundation -Frequent keynote speaker in advertising and mobile events (MMA, I-com, ARF, Adage, IMF, etc). -Published at the Journal of Advertising Research and other peer review publications. -Media Post contributor.
  • Krishna Balasubramanian A data scientist interested in applying machine learning methods to problems in marketing.
  • Ryan Baum A market research professional with a wide array of methodology and category expertise. Well versed across industries with a strong ability to translate complex research results into compelling, meaningful, and actionable insights. Areas of expertise include branding research, advertising research, concept testing, package testing, product testing, communications and message development, etc. A specialty area incorporates a variety of methodologies used in cognitive neuroscience and psychology to better understand the subconscious preferences and behaviors of consumers.
  • Brad Bedford Worldwide Advocate for the Responsible Measurement of Unified Media Audiences
  • Jake Beniflah challenge status quo on reaching multicultural consumers
  • Brian Berger A to-the-point storyteller who helps others take action with data.
  • Cesar Brea I help big companies spend big ad budgets using big data. I'm a partner in Bain's Advanced Analytics and Marketing practices. I've been a senior agency exec, I helped to build and sell two software companies, and I've published two books on marketing analytics.
  • Patrick Brennan forest for the trees type of guy
  • Harry Brisson passionate about agile development of SaaS research tools
  • Chris Bruderle A seasoned market research and content/product analytics professional who has a passion for the business of the digital advertising ecosystem.
  • Rick Bruner Founder of the Research Wonks. Fan of advertising. Advocate for randomized controlled trials for ad ROI.
  • Jason Burnham Helping to design sustainable cultures that ensure strategy realization, brand activation, and operational excellence.
  • Jason Burnham Helping to develop sustainable cultures to ensure strategy realization, brand activation, and operational excellence.
  • Joanne Burns Media Executive both on the programming and advertising sides


  • Gene Cameron Operational marketing executive with strong research experience, online and offline
  • Dan Campbell 20+ year veteran of digital and cross platform campaign measurment sales
  • William Cantrall Researcher and software developer. Many years of experience in marketing and advertising research and related software development.
  • Maria Caraballo Media Research Professional and an avid reader of the wonks but not very talkative.
  • Robert Cardarelli Data scientist, media strategist, passionate about measurement
  • Ken Cassar All around research athlete.
  • Lucia Cecchetti Passionate and determined to get to the bottom of it
  • Laura Chaibi Int'l #digitalmedia #futuregazer #business #market #audience #research #intelligence. Sharing #insights #data #infoswapping... plus opinion or two! @laurachaibi 🇨🇦🇬🇧🇦🇪
  • Lee Chait
  • John Chandler PhD Statistician who's been working in marketing since the 90s and teaches at the University of Montana College of Business
  • Jeni Chapman A brand researcher and insight generator at heart that now focuses on helping businesses grow and effectively evolve their offerings in the predictive analytics / modeling / social intelligence space
  • Gene Cho Inquisitive about media habits and trends
  • Max Cobert Data and research driven product leader
  • Frederica Conrey I'm a data scientist who specializes in the data that flow through the culture including paid and organic social media.
  • Chris Costello Mostly digital campaign measurement in aggregate up to and including attribution, but history includes a bunch of primary research roles, to where I take survey writing very seriously. Still self-identify as a drummer first despite being at this for 25 years.


  • Brian D'Alessandro Data Science exec
  • Greg Dale Focused on practical applications of research to avoid marketers doing too many unnatural acts with data!
  • Kevin Dang Research creatively and lead collaboratively to keep businesses looking forward.
  • Jim DeMarco Seasoned wonk with deep experience in marketing analytics, brand/media research and BI across multiple sectors: sports marketing, e-commerce, cross-platform media cos. and research agencies.
  • Tina Dover I'm an executive recruiter with over a decade of experience placing C level and leadership talent with F500 companies as well as startups. My focus has been on placing Research Insights & Analytics; Data Analytics and Decision Sciences; and Data Engineering leadership in roles within the Media, Tech, and Financial Services sectors for global clients.
  • Joanna Drews A researcher at heart focused on bringing better metrics to the industry.



  • Susan Fader Someone who resets baseline assumptions and 'standard' methodologies. Believes sometimes you need a generalist and not a specialist since Einstellung Effect can be the problem. Focuses on the qualitative world, but still fascinated by the quant.
  • Andrew Faehnle
  • Patrick Falconer analytic and old school digital
  • Sean Fassett Media Researcher
  • Rachael Feigenbaum Curious left and right brained global citizen.
  • Andrew Feigenson Love running businesses that bring data and technology together, to make things better
  • Gary Feldman Research and strategy professional. Generalist with hands-on, mixed methods experience as well as brand strategy background. Client, agency and consulting stints. Netflix, American Express and HGTV/Food Network alumnus
  • Aaron Fetters Smart
  • Ray Fischer Online Insights Tech Pioneer
  • Joan FitzGerald Innovator, with passion for digital transformation and solutions that drive exceptional business decision-making
  • Kelly Flynn 1
  • Jim Forrest Committed to measuring how advertising impacts short term actions and long term brand value, and understanding why campaigns perform the way they do.
  • Karen Fougnies Insights professionals for consumer and b2b products
  • Belle Frank A strategic planner, geek at heart
  • Kym Frank I have devoted my career to media research across all channels. Currently, my focus is on measuring population movement for the non-profit trade association, Geopath. We provide the industry standard currency for out-of-home advertising. On weekends, I enjoy playing video games, hanging with my dogs and kids, watching zombie movies, and camping.
  • Brett Friedman Data-driven creative, life experimenter, lifelong smiler, research lifer. Likes tea, books, and behavioral economics too.
  • Justin Fromm
  • Gian Fulgoni Long-time market and media research guy


  • Ben Gamse Excited to continue learning about market research
  • Kimberly Garcia I have a can do attitude and would welcome working with any of the wonks.
  • Sunil Garga Be Good , Do Greater Good
  • Steve Geinitz A Statistician by training with an interest in understanding how best to quantify and utilize brand advertising, and different media strategies more generally.
  • Jeff Goldstein Branded Marketer and Research Firm Owner in One
  • Larry Goldstein Specialized in media, research & development and performance accountability. Long-term record of success spanning all media in consumer packaged goods, QSR, healthcare, automotive, distilled spirits, financial services, entertainment, telco and tech sectors. Currently focused on driving improvements in measurement standards and compliance with their requirements.
  • Lawrence Goldstein Media researcher with over three decades of experience in agency R&D, media auditing and measurement including systems development, media modeling, measurement standards development and compliance.
  • Brett Gordon TBD
  • Mary Ellen Gordon I've bounced back and forth between academia and industry, but always with a focus on the intersection of data, technology, and business.
  • Mary Ellen Gordon I have bounced back and forth between industry and academia, but always with a focus on the intersection of data, techology, and business.


  • William Havlena Marketing academic and advertising effectiveness researcher. Academic research focused on consumption experience and emotions, with industry experience focused on media effectiveness.
  • Tony Healy I'm a media research guy with half my career in media sales also
  • Vanessa Hensler Neuroscience researcher in the world of marketing
  • Hunter Hill Digital Ad Ops/Research/Business Intelligence
  • Michael Hulfachor Not old enough to be old school and not young enough to be new school...A student of advertising research history and advocate that the lessons of yesteryear ALWAYS apply to today -- no matter how different anyone thinks the situations are now.
  • Adam Hulnick
  • Andy Hunn Business driven leader and builder of companies, but love to get wonky and dig into the data, analysis, methodological.
  • Anne Hunter Looking for my next opportunity



  • Eliza Jacobs ESTJ, Buffalo-native, fan of sports and snow storms. Always trying to improve how I present data.
  • Craig Jaffe Craig Jaffe is an award-winning published research and analytics strategist. He helps drive sales and audiences for television networks, digital publishers, marketers, and advertising agencies. Craig concurrently teaches digital marketing at three universities.
  • Ariel Jankelowitz I am attempting to merge artificial intelligence with qualitative research.
  • Stephen Jepson Two decades of experience as an industry expert around the measurement of new and emerging media helping to facilitate growth in the area of measurement and optimization of both online and offline communications. Hard-driving, business focused leader with unique people feel and proven track record in balancing management and meeting client expectations while positioning groups for success. Thought leader for innovation in advertising effectiveness technology that has streamlined the execution of advertising effectiveness initiatives.


  • ED KELLER Expert in social intelligence and its impact on marketing ROI, with unique focus on the intersection of offline (word of mouth) and online (social media).
  • Daavid Kahn Bay Area startup guy turned market researcher.
  • Todd Kaiser Senior-level marketing research professional with an excellent technical understanding of market research solutions and platforms and a strong marketing acumen
  • Helen Katz Experienced researcher, interested in how and why people use media.
  • Chris Kelly CEO at Survata; Loves geeking out about measuring the brand outcomes from ads
  • T.S. Kelly Who Me?
  • Rob Key Founder of Converseon -- driving insights by providing machine learning technology for social and customer feedback data since 2008. We provide direct solutions for CX, product innovation, brand/reputation measurement as well as power BI, social listening, customer feedback platforms and more through our API. Conversus is our auto ML for natural language processing for those who want to build, deploy their own models. 4 year "wonker"
  • Łukasz Kopciński
  • Łukasz Kopciński Some description here Ok lets describe
  • Barry Kresch Experienced media research executive with a resume that includes analysis, marketing/media strategy, account management, blogger, and expert witness services.
  • Jonathan Kriner Data-driven marketer.
  • Renee Kujawski X


  • Brian Laverty Humble Consumer Insights primary researcher, just here to learn as much as possible!
  • Paul Lavrakas Research psychologist and research methodologist
  • Laura Lee A curious and passionate problem solver.
  • Marian Lefkin Market research professional with extensive experience providing insights into consumer behavior and use of print and digital media. Led research to evaluate podcasts while still in development.
  • Sarah Lesser Market research and consumer insights enthusiast with 6+ years of experience
  • Noah Levine Working to solve the measurement, attribution and data challenges around TV.
  • Josh Levinson -
  • Angie Liang Researcher supporting product development and marketing strategy
  • John Liska Product and data executive with a background in Retail, CPG, and marketing / sales software technology including predictive analytics.


  • Scott McDonald Unrepentant empiricist.
  • Felim McGrath
  • Michael McGuigan Geographer with a passion for geo-spatial data analysis.
  • Rob McLoughlin Founder & CEO of DCDR (de·cod·er), a full-service insights & innovation consultancy dedicated to helping clients transform consumer data into actionable results. Rob was most recently Vice President, Insights at POPSUGAR, and has built and led successful insights teams at SpinMedia, Aol, and DoubleClick.
  • Bryan Melmed I explain consumer behavior through data and research, unraveling why people make the decisions they do and the role that brands play in their lives.
  • Sean Merriweather I'm a data loving strategist that typically goes between research & analytics roles and marketing roles.
  • Sable Mi
  • Brian Mickley Seasoned recruiter with a focus on sales, analytics and research professionals.
  • Steve Miles Sr. Analyst working to optimize supply and demand for billions of impressions.
  • Susan Miller Researcher
  • Robert Miner On a world changing mission to make TV shows just a little bit better and networks and studios just a little bit stronger...
  • Maz Motahari A data scientist
  • James P Murphy, PhD Evidence-based; statistically sound; implications-oriented; practical.


  • Christina Nathanson I tend to be more of a listener and observer for most of the ad/media discussions and can engage is the product dev, marketing, brand strategy, and creative discussions. I enjoy the intellectual brain trust that's there too!!
  • Erik Nekeman /
  • Jean-louis Nives PE Operating Partner and Professor at Rutgers
  • Lindsey Noble Lindsey Noble is head of thought leadership and agency partnership research at BuzzFeed. She has more than a decade of primary research experiences and also drives the insights roadmap for BuzzFeed products, advertiser perceptions, and editorial research. Lindsey also run the BuzzKeepers community panel, a 15,000+ BF community and creates a turn-key way to connect with some of our most loyal consumers. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University. Prior to joining BuzzFeed, Lindsey worked at Penn Schoen Berland and Group SJR.
  • Amy Nodalo Wallflower soaking up as much information as I can from Wonks discussions


  • Tom OSullivan Market Research Sales Gear Head with a speciality in Cross-Media measurement
  • Jim Oliver I like data and data driven decisions.


  • Stephen Panny My focus is tracking internet retail sales for a variety of consumer products
  • George Pappachen Business leader for data and tech industry
  • Marco Parente Product management (fmr Nielsen) in advertising effectiveness & audience measurement
  • Pam Pearce curious lover of content
  • Stephen Phillips Primarily interested in behavioural economics and research and the future of insights
  • Jeff Polevoy Insights professional with a knack for transforming complexity into clarity.
  • Jane Portman analytics, vertical management, and sales professional specialize in healthcare industry
  • Geoffrey Precourt Journalist; editor emeritus Journal of Advertising Research
  • Gina Prentice Consumer insights, analytics, and media research professional with over 18 years of experience. Working in digital analytics since 2004.
  • Jonny Protheroe Keen to learn, and to champion evidence over opinion.
  • Anthony Psacharopoulos Results-oriented leader with proven sales, analytics and operational experience across many industries. Effective at building high-performance teams and driving value creation. US and global experience spans Fortune 500 to start-up companies. The VideoAmp Platform enables advertisers to optimize their entire portfolio of linear TV, OTT and digital video to business outcomes, measuring how their ads performed against metrics that matter. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at: 📨 🔗
  • Liz Puccianti “A desk is a dangerous place in which to view the world” - John le Carré


  • Rachel Rabaey NA
  • Karen Radkowsky Former agency researcher who heads a firm specializing in research and measurement for the nonprofit sector. This includes segmentation, concept testing, competitive analyses, website optimization, and program evaluation.
  • Jay Rampuria Curious by nature and Commercial by trade.
  • Geoffrey Ramsey Big picture view
  • Jake Raroque After >20 years in the industry, I have formed my core beliefs around three ideas. 1. I am data source agnostic: Having led teams of quantitative, qualitative, syndicated, and data science experts, I know that the right methodology depends on the business questions you are trying to answer. 2. Impact is my north star: Data do not equal insights. Data do not become insights unless they impact decisions, and I am biased towards action. 3. Data do not inspire action, stories do: The best way to drive action is to synthesize complex data into a simple story so your audience knows what to do, and I over-index on storytelling.
  • Jens Rekow .
  • Van Riley So much sill to learn
  • Karen Ring TBD
  • Cindy Rosenblum Media researcher with focus on OOH, international, media old and new. Strong academic and agency background.
  • Heath Row I'm a former journalist who now manages research projects. I specialize in teaching people how to do better research more often -- and increasing the quality of an organization's research by sharing best practices, process, tools, and templates .
  • Joel Rubinson strategic and analytic consulting to the modern marketing ecosystem


  • Art Salisch Expert Local Researcher with experience in Broadcast, Local Cable & Radio.
  • Eric Sandberg Data driven researcher focused on how clients can better use 1st party survey data to optimize and improve ad campaign performance and overall marketing performance.
  • Taylor Schreiner I am largely now an ex-advertising insights guy. I used to focus on ad effectiveness, attribution and measurement. Now I run a team at Adobe whose work includes some advertising insights, but which also looks at consumer behaviors and macroeconomic data.
  • Jim Schwartz Research consultant
  • JoAnn Sciarrino Brand &Advertising Science scholar, educator and practitioner
  • Eric Sherman Advertising effectiveness & audience research leader across multiple media types. NBCU, Twitter, Digitas, Millward Brown alum.
  • Jerome Shimizu When life is on the line go with experimental design.
  • Kate Shirley Generalist media primary researcher
  • Gaurav Shirole Politics/Brand/TV/Experimentation/Attribution/Measurement/Econometrics
  • Ronjan Sikdar energetic, likes change, more interested in understanding consumers than markets, decade of digital analytics background
  • Kate Sirkin Fascinated by people's perspective on our current challenges
  • Daniel Slotwiner Researcher with broad industry experience
  • Per Smith As a trained anthropologist, I bring a human centered perspective to advertising research, marketing and brand strategy.
  • Jasper Snyder 20 years background in media and communications measurement, analytics, consumer insights, and strategy. Ex-ARF.
  • Jim Spaeth Struggling to balance innovation with sound research practice
  • Chris Squire I've spent the last 15+ years of my career designing and enabling unique analytics and attribution platforms, with the recent 5 focused on advancing TV and Digital measurement with new datasets (OOH, Shopper, 1st Party CRM, etc)
  • Lorraine Steele Current sales/media research consultant with 10 years on the agency side & 10 years experience developing consumer-focused sales insights for online health & wellness properties
  • Jonathan Steuer
  • Alyson Stevens Consumer research cross athlete using any means required to unearth the truth
  • Alice Sylvester Brave. I know Rick and Joel Robinson will yell at me, but I write it anyway. Sometimes I have a different POV and I share it.


  • Tom Tindle I am an accomplished leader with more than 20 years of experience in marketing research, sales, client service, branding, product development, project management, operations management, and staff leadership. The breadth of my experience across industries and disciplines allows me to effectively lead diverse teams and fill a broad spectrum of needs within an organization.
  • Jennifer Tonti researcher
  • Stefan Tornquist Generalist business and marketing researcher. Writer/analys>media quant
  • Mark Truss Researcher, academic, creative, annoying curious
  • Scott Turner INTJ, technology and paying it forward enthusiast


  • Linda Ury Greenberg I am a curious active listener - favorite moments are when I get an alum to open up and share about something personally valuable, with minimal probing - they share because they feel comfortable doing so.


  • Nathan Vogel After having conducted market research for 25+ years, I now specialize in copy editing research reports. My clients are research firms that would like a fresh pair of eyes to review their reports before they are released to their clients. I catch the typos that spellcheck won’t catch, errors in grammar, inconsistency in language, mismatch between text and graphics and occasional flows in logic.


  • Elliott Waldron run a group that builds methodology for offline measurement, interested in causal analysis
  • Robert Walker Curious investigator, researcher, and insights pro. Data/analytics, survey research, business strategy, and collaboration are fun.
  • Karsten Weide Covering the business and the technology of advertising.


  • Bryan Yeager Reformed market analyst (ex Gartner, eMarketer) now leading market & customer intelligence for Spotify's advertising business.


  • Paula Zahakos Strategic media and marketing researcher and innovator
  • Dan Zislis Sales and Solutions Leader in Research, Insights, and Data