“Wonks is where all the smart people in the data and analytics space gather to share ideas and ask advice of people they respect. It is an unparalleled resource and I, personally, am so appreciative to have it as a resource.”

Jim Spaeth, Partner, Sequent Partners

“I’ve been a member of Wonks for almost a decade. I find it to be an incredibly valuable resource for thought leadership, job listings, referrals, and networking with my peers in the research industry. Additionally, it is a group of professionals who, via Wonks, I have gotten to know better personally. I check it daily.”

Kym Frank, President, Geopath

“As a long-time market researcher, the Wonks board has become a must-read for me. The Wonks group is comprised of many of the world’s most experienced market researchers, with decades of experience with virtually any marketing topic. There is nowhere else that I can go to get such informed advice on any market research topic as I can from the Wonks board.”


“As one of the inaugural members of Wonks, I’ve been able to leverage this resource for over 15 years while holding executive leadership roles at Yahoo, Kantar Millward Brown, Ipsos, Microsoft and, now Samba TV. By providing fast and well-respected information, insights, contacts and connects, Wonks is and will remain the most influential networking platform in media research and analytics. I feel fortunate to be a member.”

Ken Mallon, SVP Measurement Sciences, Samba TV

“I hate to let anyone peek behind the curtain, but will say that that Wonks has made me seem a thousand times smarter. It’s an on-demand panel of experts you can tap into when you need it most, and a roundtable discussion that has you constantly learning more about your field.”

Bryan Melmed, Vice President, Insights Exponential

“The Wonks community is a valuable resource. I appreciate access to some of the best in the industry and our field. Thanks to Rick, Wonks is also a time saver keeping us from being spammed or barraged with sales pitches.”

James Alexander, VP Analytics ITN and Principal at NewMediaVisions

“Whether it is a discussion on technical questions or a reaction to breaking industry news , the conversations on Wonks always make me feel like I’m in the know.”

Terry Cohen, SVP Media and Data, AAAAs

“Ever since the day it launched, Wonks has been an invaluable resource for me as a way to gain insight from the best and brightest in the market research industry and as a resource to discover and hire extremely talented market research professionals.”

Rob McLoughlin, VP Insights, PopSugar

” The Wonks community is the single best resource for getting in touch with the best and brightest in today’s research, analytics, and insights world. It is invariably the first place I suggest people post to when they’re looking to make a mission-critical hire.”

Jasper Snyder, Head of US, alva