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  • Standard Media Index

    Standard Media Index is the most trusted source of advertising expenditure and pricing data in the marketplace. SMI accesses actual spend from the world’s largest media buying groups, as well as leading independents, and then organizes that data to create… Read more
  • SmartML

    We are applied machine learning nerds for hire, based in New York City. We create custom tools that give new insights and make reliable predictions, build vendor-neutral data infrastructure, evaluate and augment data sets, create state-of-the-art visualizations, and identify new … Read more

  • Embee Mobile

    Embee has one of the largest proprietary longitudinal mobile panels in the US, continuously collecting behavioral and usage data for over 4 years via passive metering technology. Our panel is completely opt-in, transparent and privacy-compliant. We passively capture behaviors of … Read more

  • Precise Editing

    I make well-written market research reports better.

    You know the feeling. You’ve worked very hard on an important research report. You’ve reviewed and edited it dozens of times. By now, your eyes would glaze over if you had to review … Read more

  • Method Media Intelligence

    Wonks can trial our platform to monitor campaigns for IVT, Viewability, Safety/Suitability, which all can be merged with DSP and Impression data. This can be used for SPO, planning, and benchmarking. For your websites, we can help you monitor the … Read more

  • The Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy

    Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy is the major peer-reviewed, professional journal dedicated to the advancement of best practice and latest thinking in cultural marketing, incorporating multicultural and cross-cultural marketing. Guided by its editor, Dr. Jake Beniflah, and an eminent editorial … Read more


    The Center for Multicultural Science, a leading U.S. non-profit, non-partisan think tank in multicultural marketing research and data science. The Center for Multicultural Science is the home of an industry-leading research and data lab that examines ROI and marketing to … Read more

  • Insider Intelligence

    We are the definitive source of independent analysis based on vetted and transparently sourced data. We enable our clients to make grounded decisions and take immediate action. By bringing together agility and rigorous methodology, Insider Intelligence provides our clients with … Read more


    DISQO is a consumer-first insights platform that delivers unprecedented data and analytics to the market research industry. The company powers insights professionals and marketers with automated solutions that drive consumer research and improve ad effectiveness. Today, DISQO delivers an accurate … Read more

  • Central Control

    “Ad experiments done right, made easy.”

    Central Control, Inc., delivers software and services designed to make it easy for advertisers to regularly practice scientifically rigorous experiments for ROI analysis and optimization. Turnkey incrementality measurement, because correlation is not causation, and … Read more

  • I-COM Global

    “Where the smart data marketing elite meet.”

    I-COM is the leading global forum for data-driving marketing experts at brands, agencies, media companies, technology solutions and more, with active members from around the world.

    Content-driven councils include regular virtual global meetings … Read more

  • Econsultancy

    Research-based content development and distribution in the areas of marketing, technology and business transformation… Read more

  • Research Measurement Technologies, Inc. (RMT)

    RMT is the only company that identifies (a) U.S. individuals reachable by digital/addressable TV/CTV/OTT who are predisposed to respond positively to the client’s ad (b) contexts in TV and digital that increase the effectiveness of the client’s ad. RMT science … Read more

  • Analytic Partners

    Analytic Partners is a global analytics company that leverages adaptive modeling techniques and tools to help companies improve business results, drive growth, and grow closer to their customers. We work with marketers to build deep knowledge about brands, customers and … Read more