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  • Guideline Standard Media Index

    Standard Media Index now has two monthly reports that take a close look at advertiser categories: Spotlight Report features several charts for 87 different subcategories of advertisers, and the Floodlight goes even deeper on trends across 31 categories. We are… Read more

  • Standard Media Index (SMI)

    The latest numbers from SMI’s Core data found that September 2022 advertising investment continued to recede for the fourth consecutive month, -5% during September 2022 vs. the previous year. The Q4 holiday season will remain a crucial time to determine … Read more

  • Standard Media Index

    The latest numbers from SMI’s Core data found that for August 2022, advertising expenditure contracted -3% during August 2022 vs. 2021, showcasing the continued impact of absent Olympics dollars on Linear TV. Major media channels trended in the same direction … Read more

  • Converseon Inc.

    Studies today show that almost 1 in 4 consumers don’t believe brands’ sustainability claims.
    Brands today are expected to make the world a better place through their actions. How can brand’s continue to take action on ESG initiatives and track … Read more

  • Converseon Inc

    Organizations are awash in untapped, insight-rich unstructured data. Customer feedback and unprompted opinion through social media, product reviews, long-form survey verbatims, call center transcripts and more are veritable goldmines of insight for those customer-obsessed companies that can effectively harness, filter, … Read more

  • Standard Media Index

    The latest numbers from SMI’s Core data found that July 2022 U.S. ad spend fell -12% YoY. However, this is not from a recession. Last July featured the Olympics and a pushed back NBA Finals so these absent dollars weighed … Read more

  • Standard Media Index (SMI)

    Standard Media Index, the leading source of intelligence on advertising spending and pricing, has published a four-part blog series on Recession Planning advice for the Ad Industry.

    Part 1: What a broad recession would mean for the ad industry
    Part … Read more

  • Standard Media Index (SMI)

    In June 2022, monthly ad spend evolution entered negative year-over-year growth territory for the first time this year, shifting down -3% vs. last year. This decline broke a fifteen-months expansion of YoY ad spend growth. The last monthly decline observed … Read more

  • Standard Media Index (SMI)

    Digital and Out-of-Home continued to post the largest percent spend increase vs. 2021. Upward Digital momentum continued, with online channels representing a 56% share of dollars, after newly surpassing Television in the same period last year. (i.e., Apr – May … Read more

  • Standard Media Index (SMI)

    April 2022 ad spend fell -1% shy of April 2019, three years ago, which remains the strongest April on record (according to SMI Core which dates back to 2017). Compared to April 2021, Digital carried market growth along with sharply … Read more

  • Tattoos, Not Brands Inc

    Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, an established small business, a social media influencer, a marketer at a large corporation—or somewhere in-between—the idea of being a “brand“ is considered essential to the development of a solid marketing strategy. But what if … Read more

  • Standard Media Index (SMI)

    SMI Core compares ad spend and YoY growth for media investments in this April monthly insight report. Here we explore the investments by each channel like digital media, linear TV, and OOH. In addition, this guide breaks down key events, … Read more

  • Standard Media Index (SMI)

    The U.S. ad market is on fire!

    After 2021 totaled 18.5% in the SMI Pool, the surge continued in January 2022: +19% over January 2021. SMI forecasts double-digit growth into April.

    By comparison, the compound annual growth rate for 2017-2019 … Read more


    The SMI Covid-19 Advertising Rebound Report examines the pandemic’s impact on industry ad spend, powered by the SMI Covid Deficit Backcast model. This model compares actual industry Ad Spend vs. a projection scenario where Covid-19 did not occur. In short, … Read more

  • 4A's

    Featured in the 4A’s, this highlight and insight report from the CMO Survey reviews the changes in marketing in result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on evolving cultural trends. This brief discusses the importance of marketing efforts in … Read more

  • 4A's

    Featured in the 4A’s, this annual guide from the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) presents detailed demographic profiles, digital and media behaviors, and language preferences of Hispanic consumers. The report positions the Hispanic population as the largest minority group in the … Read more

  • IAB

    This webinar features Christine (CJ) Bangah, Principal of Technology, Entertainment & Media at PwC, Sue Hogan, SVP Research & Insights, at IAB, and more as they offer their insights on the 2020/2021 Annual Internet Ad Revenue Report. The report is … Read more

  • CIMM and 4A's

    CIMM and the 4A’s Media Measurement Taskforce requested this study of television attribution and key providers to spotlight the latest research and best practices. The research aims to connect digital and traditional media operations to aggregate as much relevant campaign … Read more


    This study investigates whether there is a better way to drive television ROI with Hispanics. The paper advances the ‘Nativity-Based View,’ a new methodology proposing that nativity is an effective variable in reaching the changing US Hispanic population. The results … Read more


    The Healthy Alternative to Cookies, is DISQO’s latest research on how our innovative Ethical Identification approach helps marketers align their advertising effectiveness measurement with BOTH brand and performance objectives, while capturing the totality of their media plans impact. We hope … Read more

  • Ameritest

    “Which advertising is effective and why?” “What makes a brand iconic and why?” Answer: Memories! Ads that don’t stick in memory don’t sell—and they don’t build brands” This book summarizes 30 years of learnings from one of the leading creative … Read more

  • IAG


    A Research Wonks semi-exclusive, this is a major brand advertiser, IAG, sharing insights on how uplift modeling, with experiments, not propensity modeling with traditional observational methods, delivers greater confidence in what is working in their ad mix.

    Willem Read more

  • Beeswax and Central Control

    This is a YouTube video of a webinar where industry experts Ari Paparo (CEO, Beeswax) and Rick Bruner (CEO, Central Control) give an educational overview of digital attribution and experimentation techniques. This webinar starts with the basics of attribution and … Read more

  • Research Measurement Technologies (RMT)

    The paper details how RMT identifies (a) U.S. individuals reachable by digital/addressable TV/CTV/OTT who are predisposed to respond positively to the client’s ad (b) contexts in TV and digital that increase the effectiveness of the client’s ad. The scope covers … Read more

  • Analytic Partners

    This report highlights how leaders should be planning in the midst of the present disruptive moment. This report takes a close look at budget considerations during economic downturn, and how to manage your brand through crisis and beyond.

    Download the … Read more