Wonks discussions – May 2024

Explore the latest developments on our platform and stay informed about compelling news, marketing research trends, and more that we explored throughout May. Here’s a snapshot of the key topics creating a buzz among our members:

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  • New Job Seeker: Albert Lau 
  • Job Opening: Market Research Manager 
  • ANA: 2024 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference presented by TikTok Get ready for an insightful experience as the ANA Digital & Social Media Conference returns, presented by TikTok. This event promises to be a hotspot for the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing and social media.

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries:

Here are some of the hot topics that spurred engaging conversations this month:

  • The community shared recommendations for reliable legal counsel, emphasizing the importance of having trusted legal advice in business operations and contract negotiations.
  • Members exchanged insights on qualitative research companies, discussing the best firms to partner with for in-depth market analysis and consumer behavior studies.
  • A discussion on the concept of a digital back room highlighted innovative ways companies are using digital tools for remote observation and analysis during research studies.
  • A request for transaction training data led to a deep dive into data sharing practices and resources, with members offering to share datasets and advice on handling and analyzing transaction data.
  • Exploring the potential of AI in marketing, this topic delved into how agencies are leveraging AI to create more personalized and effective campaigns, demonstrating the blend of creativity and technology.
  • Discussions around passive tracking studies focused on methodologies for unobtrusively collecting consumer data, emphasizing ethical considerations and the balance between insight and privacy.
  • Members sharing their experiences and tips on the reverse searing method
  • Members explored the concept of “brand math,” discussing quantitative methods for measuring brand health, equity, and the impact of marketing activities on brand performance.
  • A demonstration on using AI in the creative process showcased tools and techniques for enhancing creativity in marketing campaigns, sparking ideas for integrating AI into various creative workflows.
  • The conversation on AI wearables examined the latest advancements in wearable technology and its implications for market research, particularly in gathering real-time consumer data.
  • An in-depth discussion on cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) and programmatic ad spend provided insights into optimizing ad budgets and the latest trends in programmatic advertising.
  • Members debated the unique challenges and strategies of conducting qualitative research for media companies, sharing case studies and best practices for engaging media audiences.
  • A call for assistance with website building highlighted the community’s collaborative spirit, with members offeringadvice, resources, and services to help create effective and engaging online presences.

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