Precise Editing

Description of Services

I make well-written market research reports better.

You know the feeling. You’ve worked very hard on an important research report. You’ve reviewed and edited it dozens of times. By now, your eyes would glaze over if you had to review it one more time.

This is where I come in. I will review your report and make sure it is written clearly and is error free. I correct typos, grammatical errors, syntax, inconsistency of language, and any mismatch between text and accompanying graphics.

So, before you send the report to your client, run it by me first.

Service Category(ies)

• Review and edit research reports, checking grammar and phrasing
• Check that the figures and charts in the reports are consistent with the underlying data analysis
• Ensure that the storyline in the reports unfolds in a readable, logical and compelling manner
• Review and test online surveys before they are launched, making sure that the language of the questions is clear and that skips and filters work as intended