Wonks discussions – September, 2022

There were a lot of engaging conversations this month! September’s discussion features new #marketresearch topics, global conferences by the ARF and ANA, #whitepapers from Standard Media Index, and more.

Below is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

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New Whitepaper: U.S. SMI Core Release Note – August 2022

New Events (8):

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Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: 

  • Suggestions for omnibus surveys to better understand if brand awareness has improved YOY
  •  Suggestions for a resource that can provide the average cost of a B2B brand tracker
  • Looking for a SNL Kagan Contact
  • Looking for a Contact at Analytic Partners
  • Suggestions for consultant/organization to do a custom attribution analytics study to measure the performance of their our upper funnel marketing and already-measured lower funnel channels
  •  Examples of industry research studies that promote the benefits of advertising in premium publishers 
  • Looking for research companies that measure attentiveness to TV ads in the UK
  • Recommendation for information on hotel information in terms of average stay, average # guests per room
  • Recommendations for favorite tools and workflows for the execution of desk research
  • Looking for a LiveRamp Connect
  • Looking for a company with expert survey developers who can meet fast turnaround deadlines.
  • Recommendations for NYC area suppliers to partner with on an on-site intercept exit study and a digital, location-based exit study
  • Looking to interview Wonks members
  • Looking for a vendor to measure mobile app installs and user activity 

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