Wonks Discussions – September, 2020

  • Invitation to the MMA’s Great Marketing Growth Debate series
  • Candidate posting in analytics and data product management
  • Job posting of data science opportunities (USA)
  • Discussion of the quantitative distinction between performance and brand advertising
  • Request for assistance in conducting market research for bathroom products
  • Discussion of best practices and approaches to framing business problems in the context of an analytics project
  • Discussion of the impact of the election year on conducting survey research in terms of timing, skew, etc.
  • Request for Iconoculture contact
  • Request for Argus Research contact
  • Request for information about (RICS) Redirected Inbound Call Sampling
  • Request for contacts across the TV metadata companies
  • Thank you thread to DISQO for their Wonks sponsorship
  • Request for guests to appear on a new podcast on consumer behavior
  • Request for data on the question of whether viewers perceive any differences in national vs. local TV ads in the same pod
  • Job posting – maternity cover for TV research
  • Request for speakers at I-COM
  • Discussion of how advertisers can measure online+offline attribution in their YouTube flights