Wonks discussions – July, 2020

  • Observation about the validation of ad testing through its impact on political races
  • Continued discussion of converting forecasted digital HH impressions to forecasted A25-54 digital impressions.
  • Call for content for The Attribution and Analytics Accelerator event (an event “born of Wonks”)
  • Request for volunteer assistance in survey design
  • Request for professional contact at Toluna
  • Request for professional contact at Neutronian
  • Informational post on the RCT21 study of randomized control trials being led by Wonks founder Rick Bruner
  • Job posting – UX Research Consultant
  • Webinar invite for ARF RCT21 project, now available to watch here
  • Job posting – senior market researcher
  • Job posting – Data Services leader at Samba TV
  • Thread on favorite research publications
  • Request for feedback on text analysis features in major survey platforms
  • Request for research/experience on creative collaboration in distributed environments
  • Request for information on CTV HH penetration
  • Long thread: gender designations in survey design
  • Request for information about mail delivery quality in the USA
  • Informational post of member research paper to SSRN