Wonks discussions – January 2023

Happy Belated New Year fellow Wonks!

The new year has brought insightful discussions, market research topics, news, and more. Below is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

LinkedIn Posts and Updates:

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Job Opportunities (2):

  • New Job Seeker: Katy Mitchell
  • Data Scientist – Data ImpacX 

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New Events (3):

  • ANA: 2023 ANA Media Conference presented by A+E Networks
  • The ARF: What Brands Did in 2020
  • 4A’s: Perpetual Disruption: The Path to Change

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Looking for Contacts/Partners:

Are you looking for a specific contact at a company? Check out the inquiries listed below:

  • Brand lift partners for podcast advertising
  • Data partners in the U.K. that sell script-level data
  • Contacts at GWI Similarweb and Plan Metrix
  • Sweepstakes vendor recommendations
  • Partners who run organic growth or manage social media for an e-commerce brand. Especially if they’re in the Dating App or FinTech space
  • Deterministic panels with high-quality age/gender data
  • Firms hiring for a summer internship
  • The University of San Francisco is looking for organizations that have market research projects that graduate students can work on.

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: 

  •  A discussion on the purchase-rate of a CPG product vary with its seasonality
  • Social ROAS decreasing across large enterprise clients
  • Inquiry about an old paper by Dr. Ben Lipstein. The paper discusses using eigenvalues and eigenvectors to understand brand loyalty patterns from switching matrices
  • A discussion on the ultimate brand loyalty survey and insight on brand loyalty shifts, as well as the identification of a new, predictive paradigm for loyalty
  • Insights on van Westendorp pricing, particularly the relationship between the Indifference Price Point and the Optimal Price Point
  • Data on-hand regarding HUTs or PUTs by day of the week
  • Recent studies on sample dropout levels concerning survey length 
  • Recommendation for advertising videos fans! 
  •  A source that details the percentage or number of people that traveled to specific U.S. destinations from specific states 
  • Suggestion for a source for how U.S. kids/teens use video/platforms/devices based on usage, day, time, etc.
  •  Recommendation for an end-to-end panel management shop

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