Wonks discussions – January, 2022

Welcome to the New Year! January has been an exciting month filled with lively discussions, job openings, and inquiries. Topics ranging from the best approaches to A/B Testing and high-quality US-based B2b moderators, here is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

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Job Openings (4)

  • Quest Diagnostics – Director, E-Commerce Analytics (B2C & D2C)
  • LG Ads – Attribution Research Lead
  • NBCU – Director, Primary Research & Manager, Primary Research 

New Whitepaper Alert  

  • COVID-19 Advertsting Rebound Report

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: 

  • The latest COVID Forecast and updates about the Omicron variant
  • The best approaches to A/B Testing
  • A Contact at App Annie or Apptopia
  • The Women in the Workplace event
  • Those with experience placing media with Baidu and digital media experience in China
  • A Marketing or Advertising Contact at State Farm Insurance 
  • Companies with research projects – that students from the University of San Fransico’s Master of Science in Marketing Intelligence program can join 
  • A Contact at Dynata 
  • Attention Council survey – based on researchers attitudes towards attention metrics
  • The best practice to get transcripts from quantitative research 
  • A Contact at Finalta

Recommendations for: 

  • Publicly available sources with ad outlook for 2022
  • Freelance moderators – with experience moderating innovative/customer needs
  • Measuring sales lift for passenger tires by brand and location
  • Small firms and boutique shops for a research project
  • A current benchmark for online surveys completion rates – by length
  • A source or vendor that can provide industry benchmarks for cross-selling in financial services or banking
  • Data on how important product performance and repeat rate are to new product success – how differing repeat rates impact each year’s sales
  • High-Quality US-based B2b moderators experienced in doing (virtual) IDs focus groups, and roundtables 

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