Wonks discussions – February, 2022

This month was on fire with trending topics and insightful discussions! In addition, we have seventeen job openings, a new whitepaper, and a list of upcoming events you don’t want to miss.

Topics ranging from benchmarking strategies and Tik Tok analytical tools, here is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

LinkedIn Posts and Updates:

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Upcoming Events:

Job Openings (17)

  • Google – Global Head of Research, Creative Works
  • IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) – Director / Freelance
  • IAB – Freelance Market Researcher
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • (2) Research Analyst & Research Manager
  • (2) Software Developers
  • BIA Advisory Services – VP Forecasting, Local Media
  • (2) Ad Sales Research Specialist
  • Epsilon (3) Senior Director of Analytic Consulting & ID Based Platform Solutions, Director of Analytics, & Director of Digital Analytics
  • VP Marketing
  • Hone Health – Audience Development Director
  • PetMeds- Business Analyst 

New Job Seeker Alert 

  • Reekha Gupta

New Whitepaper Alert

  • SMI Monthly Update – The Ad Industry Is on Fire

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: 

  • COVID-19 Updates & Analysis
  • Machine Learning (ML) in the Kitchen
  • 2021 consumer insights trends
  • The best practices for the shelf life of data that can use for benchmarking purpose
  • Experience working with the market research firm InfoSurv
  • Debating the importance of job titles in Market Research and other industries
  • Contacts at Eye Square and Tobii
  • Download the Insights From a 25-Year Study of Brand Loyalty: 2022 Report
  • The launch of The DBC Industry Calendar
  • A contact at Helixa

Recommendations for: 

  • A TikTok analytics platform or tool
  • Introduction at VideoAmp
  • A vendor who can manage a community for qualitative research
  • Benchmarks for a stated Likelihood To Buy score, specifically for a pre-launch assessment
  • Measuring spend on categories outside of CPG and at locations outside of grocery and big box stores
  • Brand strategy research house with kids 5-17 (and parents) experience. 
  • Best practices to track NPS
  • Information on percentages of QR codes that viewers scan on linear TV
  • A contact who has experience with speaking with private equity firms that invest in technology companies

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