Wonks discussions – December 2022

Happy Holidays! Let’s bring in the new year with a run-down of this month’s discussion. December’s discussion features new #marketresearch topics, global conferences by the ARF, and more. Below is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

LinkedIn Posts and Updates:

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New Events (3):

  • The ARF: 2022 Media Insights and 2023 Challenges: L.A. Media Research Council Event
  • The ARF: 2023 Roadmap: Goals, Inspiration, Motivation, & Insights
  • New Job Seeker: David Berkowitz

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: 

  •  Suggestions for publicly available benchmarks on key advertising outcomes
  • A discussion on in-housing trends– big brands leaving media-buying agencies to take that function in-house.
  • The upcoming CES event
  • Suggestions for controlling survey propensity to be positive or negative
  • Recommendation for free resources that address demographic/lifestyle trends in the U.S.
  • A discussion of recent data on the optimal frequency to yield positive brand results for digital marketing
  • The book launch of Breakout Brands 
  • Recommendation for companies that track paid media spending for B2B companies
  • Suggestions for contacts at the following location-based services
  • Recommendation for a company that focuses on the needs and perceptions of donors, members, and the nonprofit community

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