Wonks discussions – August, 2021

We turned up the heat this August with insightful discussions and inquiries! Topics ranging from attribution studies to concept testing, here is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

New Event listed:  Masters of Brand Measurement – How do you measure DEI Media Initiatives, moderated by Upwave

Job Postings (11): 

  • (2) Media Planners, Digital Coordinator, and Sr. Programmer Buyer at NY Interconnect  
  • Manager of Primary Research at OMG
  • VP, Research, Attribution & Measurement at Prohaska Consulting
  • Data/Digital Analyst – NCM: America’s Movie Network
  • Standard Media Index (SMI) – Sr. Analyst. Advertising Insights
  • Standard Media Index (SMI) Data Engineer 
  • Freelancer – Research Coordinator  – ISO
  • Triangulum Insights, Inc. – Research Manager

Looking for:

  • Ways to track attribution without cookies
  • Contacts at: Comscore, Nielson, GroupM, Oracle, Scorpio Partnerships, and Cynopsis
  • Freelance marketing support 
  • Firms that specialize in primary research, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Research partners 
  • Advice on conducting consumer insight
  • Whitepapers on Asian-Americans media consumption behavior
  • A tool for pulling down AppStore ratings
  • Data on Canada CTV and online panel companies in Canada
  • Third-party tools to build audience segments 

Discussions on: 

  • Concept testing
  • Creative and media parameterization 
  • Global ad spend capabilities
  • Attribution studies