Wonks Discussions – April 2024

Dive into the latest developments on our platform and stay informed about compelling news, marketing research trends, and more that we explored throughout April. Here’s a snapshot of the key topics creating a buzz among our members:

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New Opportunities (4):

  • ANA: 2024 ANA Marketing Technology for Marketers Conference: Join us to explore the latest advancements in marketing technology and how they are transforming the industry.
  • ANA: 2024 ANA Brand Masters Conference: Learn about the latest trends in brand strategy from leading experts in the field.
  • Total Video: NBCU’s Sean Wright and Guideline’s Rick Bruner discuss the convergence of linear and digital video markets, providing unique insights.
  • ANA One-Day Conference (May 1): Measurement Day – A Day of Learning: Enhance your knowledge on measurement strategies and tools for marketing success.

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries:

  • Materials and original research on the relationship between reach and ROI: Explore the connection between advertising reach and return on investment through data-driven research and insights.
  • Measuring Brand Lift with AI for Digital Branded Content Live: Delve into discussions on using AI to measure the impact of digital branded content in real time.
  • Measuring Viewership for a Cable Network That’s Not Nielsen Rated: Share experiences and strategies for accurately measuring viewership outside of Nielsen ratings.
  • Requesting YouGov Contact – Premium Video Content Metrics: Connect with YouGov experts for valuable data on premium video content metrics.
  • New Research on How Brand Impacts Share Price: Stay updated on cutting-edge research exploring the relationship between brand equity and stock performance.
  • Recs for a US National Brand Tracking Vendor: Discuss and exchange recommendations for reputable vendors specializing in national brand tracking.
  • Local Market Digital Ad Spend: Dive into discussions about local market advertising and data insights for optimizing digital ad spend.
  • Contact at Ekimetrics: Seek out connections and partnerships with experts at Ekimetrics for advanced analytics and data-driven strategies.
  • Simulated Audience for Beta Level Benchmarks: Discuss the use of simulated audiences for benchmarking and improving campaign performance.
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  • ANA Data Modeling: Discuss the latest trends and practices in data modeling within the advertising industry.

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