Wonks discussions – March 2023

ChatGBT and AI continue to be hot topics, and in March, we continued these conversations as well as other market research trends, news, events, and more. Below is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

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New Events (3):

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Look for Contacts/Partners:

  • A contact at Gallup 
  • A person who can help with expert interviews 

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: 

  • Attribution analysis linking Linear TV ad exposure with website visits
  • Recommendations for video services and platforms best suited for keeping the video details private and anonymous
  • Existing influencer communities that can be leveraged for research on an ongoing basis
  • A discussion on A Skeptics Guide to AI
  • Data sets that target insurance ownership/potential ownership
  • An inquiry about where you can purchase vehicle owner data
  • Understanding the reliability of results using big data
  • Suggestions for an excellent B2B recruiter for 1-on-1s
  • Suggestion for studies on the severity and duration of current customer revolt to rebrands
  • Inquiry on whether you can report on 13-18-year-old audiences utilizing Nielsen DAR on YouTube
  • A free or publicly available study that explores the effect of advertising placed next to offensive or controversial content on internet users’ perception of brands
  • A DIY survey platform that does not charge for completes when you are providing your own sample
  • A discussion on ChatGBT 4 and other AI platforms
  • Tips for using AI

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