Wonks discussions – February 2023

February brought insightful discussions, new job opportunities, market research topics, news, and more. Below is a summary of some key topics members are talking about:

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Job Opportunities (2):

  • An internship position at VIZIO
  • Sr. Project Manager or Director ole at QualSights 

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New Events (4):

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Look for Contacts/Partners: Are you looking for a specific contact at a company? Check out the inquiries listed below:

  •  A US B2B qual recruiter
  • a contact at YouGov

Discussions, Updates, & Inquiries: 

  • A discussion on the importance of rhythm and pacing in video advertising and a request for papers written on the subject
  • Advice on the topic of earned web/media measurement
  • An interesting short video on the science of film editing
  • Looking for another alternative to SUZY
  • Recommendations for cost-effective creative testing market research vendors 
  • Recommendations for a presentation deck design/production resource
  • A discussion on viral content strategy
  • A discussion on Pollfish and other survey platforms
  • Suggestions for a transcription service that provides fast turnaround at affordable prices
  • Looking for an expert on meta-analysis to create guidelines across our assets across channels 
  •  Suggestions for providers that have ad spending by company (and by brand) and revenue by brand
  •  Looking for any data/POVs on when to use sweepstakes vs. individual incentives for survey participation
  • Discussion on databases to be used for Total Addressable Market (TAM) study

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