The following are a list of whitepapers that may be of interest to the advertising research and analytics community. They are paid listings unless otherwise specified as being recommendations by the site’s editors.

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  • IAG

    EDITOR’S CHOICE A Research Wonks semi-exclusive, this is a major brand advertiser, IAG, sharing insights on how uplift modeling, with experiments, not propensity modeling with traditional observational methods, delivers greater confidence in what is working in their ad mix. Willem Paling, PhD, Director, Customer & Growth Analytics at IAG, is the author of the material. He agreed to let Research Wonks share it here. For further details, read our short blog post on the presentation.
  • Beeswax and Central Control

    This is a YouTube video of a webinar where industry experts Ari Paparo (CEO, Beeswax) and Rick Bruner (CEO, Central Control) give an educational overview of digital attribution and experimentation techniques. This webinar starts with the basics of attribution and multitouch attribution (MTA), then delve into more complex topics such as the challenges presented by cookie instability, channel complexity and more, along with a dive into the new trend of incrementality and the breakthrough “ghost ads” methodology.
  • Research Measurement Technologies (RMT)

    The paper details how RMT identifies (a) U.S. individuals reachable by digital/addressable TV/CTV/OTT who are predisposed to respond positively to the client’s ad (b) contexts in TV and digital that increase the effectiveness of the client’s ad. The scope covers 276 million Americans  and is third party validated by Nielsen Catalina, Simmons, and 605. RMT provides a complete system for maximizing the positive context effects of advertising, while extending the reach of targets beyond purchasers to prospects whose subconscious motivations align with the client’s ads
  • Analytic Partners

    This report highlights how leaders should be planning in the midst of the present disruptive moment. This report takes a close look at budget considerations during economic downturn, and how to manage your brand through crisis and beyond.

    Download the report and learn about:

    • Which forces brands should take into consideration when planning for the future
    • The three stages of major market disruption
    • Why marketing through an economic downturn is critical to drive growth
    • Key considerations to keep top-of-mind to make the most of marketing budgets
    • How to manage brand messages for contextual appropriateness