Do you have problems in need of solutions? I love solving problems – all the more so if the solutions require something new, innovative and challenging.

Does your company culture include giving back in some way? Are you proud of your ethos? I want to work for you – when the late nights and deadlines loom, knowing my company is having a positive impact provides an extra boost of energy to push through.

I am an experienced digital marketer specializing in research, data sourcing, and strategy. I bore witness to and have been involved in the evolution of online measurement, from the adoption of third party ad serving to widespread ad effectiveness research to cross media measurement.

Specifically, I am looking for a position that allows me to utilize my multi-disciplinary approach to strategy, research and measurement to increase the efficacy of your company’s digital marketing. Ideally, this role will also provide me with the ability to broaden my discipline expertise into other areas and explore applications of AI and machine learning within the digital universe.