Storytelling with data and insights to power strategies and move businesses forward is my passion.  Throughout my career, I’ve focused on building a reporting and insights structure to support a sharp growth trajectory to keep pace with the introduction of new digital platforms and products.  My ability to translate complex measurement capabilities into simple terms has fast-tracked my business associates into strategic applications of the data collected on their networks.

Converting raw, unstructured data outputs into compelling insights and tools to build data narratives is my superpower.  In my experience, there is always a story in the data, given the right context.  At VideoAmp, I was able to turn around a client who rejected a project proposal by producing an analysis to express the opportunity for their business in our advanced audience data.  This client is now working through project specifications for a new initiative with VideoAmp as a result – and my analysis for this client featured in a recent VAB case study. 

Good analysis sparks inspiration and innovation – similarly, I produced an extensive analysis to put a new light on a high-profile sporting event from a major media partner, making innovative correlations between disparate data sets.  The analysis was such a success, this partner is returning to execute a new analysis of their sports and news content to accelerate advertising sales of remnant inventory in fourth quarter. 

I’m well versed across a range of research methods including qualitative, quantitative, and syndicated, I would be delighted to regale you with all those details – but for the sake of brevity, let’s just say I have all the knowledge & expertise you would expect of a professional at my level.  What sets me apart is my conversational nature, and my ability to put data, methodology and insights into actionable terms – my goal is to empower and enable with insights, if that light goes on over your head, I’m successful!  I seek opportunities to use data to educate, inform and inspire.