Miner & Co. Studio, a market research consultancy located in Soho, is seeking a Lead Researcher for a client base extending across a range of consumer categories. Client list here: https://www.minerandcostudio.com/clients

Our work is strategic in nature and includes brand positioning and campaign development, TV series testing, show concept assessment, UX and product development and much more.  We take pride in our work and make it a point to propose the best solutions to our clients, not just the most convenient or obvious.   Client testimonials here: https://www.minerandcostudio.com/testimonials-press

Engaging moderating skills, strong data visualization and presentation skills are needed as well as a talent for telling the data’s ‘story’ to a client base with a creative orientation. 

The Lead Researcher will be heavily involved throughout the project lifecycle – from proposal writing to client-brainstorming to questionnaire development and data analysis to the final report and presentation.

In addition to strong moderating and analytical skills, it is important for interested candidates to have experience in qualitative and interest in quantitative research, an interest in TV shows, TV networks, and pop culture as well as an appetite for work across verticals including finance, insurance, fashion and all things digital.

The ideal candidate should be comfortable working independently as well as with a team and should be excited by the prospect of taking on new challenges daily.

Minimum of 5 years experience in a leading role for qualitative research as a lead moderator.

To apply for this job email your details to rminer@minerandcostudio.com