Google Chrome Ditches Cookies and Wonks Wonder

The dawn of 2020, brought a new vision of online advertising: a cookieless world as Google banned the use of 3rd party cookies on the latest Chrome browser.  On the Wonks list, this significant event was not greeted with much hand-wringing, but rather a return to tried and true media principles of decades past.  Context became a hot topic (again). One wonk noted that there was a higher value to an auto intender when reached on an auto site than off that site and that true context was radically undervalued.

Another Wonk seconded the belief that a turn-back was a good thing, favoring another look at advertising effect over selection effect (targeting).

Others were skeptical about a greater reliance on context, believing that the data centric view of advertising currently in vogue gives agencies greater value.

What did Wonks believe was past its sell by date?

  • View through attribution: dead, but had been limping along for some time
  • Multi-touch attribution: to be replaced by multi-click attribution based on first party cookies

What would survive?:

  • More users authenticate
  • Probabilistic becomes the norm
  • Incrementality is reinforced

For more thoughts on how the latest Chrome developments will impact the world of advertising measurement, apply to join the Wonks list, where the conversations are always uncensored – but off the record.