I-COM Global


Description of Services

“Where the smart data marketing elite meet.”

I-COM is the leading global forum for data-driving marketing experts at brands, agencies, media companies, technology solutions and more, with active members from around the world.

Content-driven councils include regular virtual global meetings on topics including Brand Data, Incrementality, Behavioral Science, Attribution, Data Creativity and more.

The annual I-COM Marketing Data Science Hackathon is scheduled for October 2-4, and the I-COM Global Summit for October 5-8 respectively, in Cadiz, Spain.

With a strong tradition in distributed operations and events, I-COM remains a vibrant source of best practices learnings and top notch relationship building with the best and brightest among peers around the world.

Service Category(ies)

  • Best practices learning
  • Professional relationships
  • Business facilitation
  • Industry education
  • Smart data market makers