Analytic Partners

Description of Services

Analytic Partners is a global analytics company that leverages adaptive modeling techniques and tools to help companies improve business results, drive growth, and grow closer to their customers. We work with marketers to build deep knowledge about brands, customers and competitors that is converted into sound strategies aimed at improving performance. Our holistic platform, GPS Enterprise™, offers comprehensive data ingestion, quick processing of complex modeling, and deep insights through data visualizations for business intelligence analysis, scenario and media planning, and budget optimization. Integrated across solutions, ROI Genome™, uncovers best practices for marketing success and the “why’s” behind the performance drivers.

Service Category(ies)

  • Unified Measurement
  • Marketing Mix Modeling/Commercial Mix Models
  • Multi-touch Attribution/Touchpoint Analytics
  • Integrated Brand Impact Analysis
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Customer Analytics/Customer Franchise Value
  • Change Management